Promoting Solar Energy through the chatbot technology

On the 27th of May EMERGREEN project partner Marta Bystrowska from Regional Council Västernorrland was invited to speak about the Energy Agency during advanced sustainability training for Region Västernorrland.

Marta Bystrowska from Region Västernorrland gave a short presentation about the chatbot that are developing under the EMERGREEN project, where she presented its functions and invited to test it in real-life conditions.

The chatbot, named SolcEllen, will provide consistent information about solar energy and solar panels, which is often spread through different online sources and not easy to find. In that way the Regional Energy Agency want to support the work of local energy advisors in Västernorrland region and promote solar energy. SolcEllen will not only answer questions, based on updated and reliable data, but also encourage users to contact local energy advisors about more specific queries.

Västernorrland is a large region, but it is also one of the most sparsely populated ones in Europe. Therefore, it is often challenging to reach inhabitants with information or different types of campaigns. Thus, digital solutions, such as chatbots, play an important role in providing information and bridging between inhabitants and public services providers.

On the presentation there were 21 participants from Region Västernorrland, but from other areas of the organization, mostly representing health care system from all around the region (hospitals etc.).

The chatbot will sit on the website of the Regional Energy Agency of Västernorrland soon.

Stay Tuned!