Outputs and Results

The result of the project will be five NPA regions with enhanced capacities to provide quality and sustainable public services addressing the challenges that their current configuration is presenting, as follows:

Coastal management app gathering data on coastal erosion

Zero waste circular management service

Green growth advisory services chatbot answering solar panel questions

Intelligent citizen participation in green initiatives

Data story telling to promote sustainable energy solutions

Transnational platform of technology-led public services

A platform offering access to the services developed in the project on a transboundary basis. The idea is to develop an open market place of technology-led public services in the NPA area and test new cooperative models of sharing public services. The services will be presented in a user-friendly way offering the possibility to group them by thematic, live events, target groups, etc. The initial set of services will be the green growth type developed in EMERGREEN and the ambition is to expand the platform by incorporating services from other technology-led public services from other NPA regions and service areas.

The platform will be built using open source tools and will make use of the experience implemented in South-Savo (Finland).

Visit our platform at emergreen.ernact.eu.

Public services delivery model

A model adapted to the delivery of public services in remote areas. The model, presented after being tested in the EMERGREEN project, will focus in the introduction of technology and open innovation in the provision of public services as a way to overcome the challenges faced by the public services providers in these regions. The model will consider aspects such as community involvement, organizational change, creation of ecosystems comprising reusable technology components as well as the creation or joining to cooperative marketplaces of technology-led services. Find it here or go to Resources tab and click EMERGREEN Business Model Analysis or Sustainable Public Service Business Model documents!