Innovation for smart and resilient communities

New innovative models for participative, user-centred, quality and sustainable public services aiming greener communities in remote areas.

If you missed the first digital NPA annual conference, you can watch each segment of the event online, including the four thematic sessions.

On 23rd September 2020, the Northern Periphery and Arctic programme held their first virtual annual conference with the topic “Innovation for smart and resilient communities”. Dr Margaret Quinn Programme Manager at ERNACT and EMERGREEN project lead partner who was one of the speakers of the event, presented the EMERGREEN project to nearly 200 participants from 13 countries and across 6 time zones.

During her presentation and thanks to EMERGREEN partners, she took the audience on a brief journey across the NPA area, from Ireland to Faroe Islands, showing ways in which communities are involved in the provision of green public services thanks to digital technology, such us chatbots, along with AI, smart apps and crowdsourcing.

After the presentation of speaker, during the Q&A sessions, Margaret said that “there are innovations coming out of the COVID-19 crisis" and highlighted that businesses have moved online and learning with communities about how to use technologies is important.

The conference and thematic sessions are available on the Interreg NPA YouTube channel.

As in the NPA conference, in the next weeks we are going to take into a journey across NPA area, EMERGREEN partners are going to explain how they are working together to build more resilient and greener communities using new technologies.

Find out more about the NPA Annual Conference, here!

Stay tuned!