EMERGREEN partners visit Donegal Coastal Stories pilot site

On September 24, Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020 funded EMERGREEN project partners ERNACT, NUI Galway and Donegal County Council met at the Isle of Doagh (Donegal, Ireland), where they reviewed the new Coastal Stories App developed by our Irish partners.

EMERGREEN project partners had the opportunity to take a quick walk in one of the scenic viewpoints to see some of the focal points that the council are concerned with in the bay. After that, partners visited the Doagh Famine Village to learn more about the story of Irish life from the Great Famine of the 1840s through until the present day, building the connection between local stories and the local environment. 

The Coastal Stories App will be based on crowd sourced images from specific locations that will aid Donegal County  Council to monitor erosion around the Donegal coastline.

Over recent years the Donegal coastline has been impacted severely by coastal erosion and a Donegal County Council report says that this is a natural erosion deposition cycle and it recommends a policy of "no active intervention" at the sites.

So, to monitor the progress of the erosion, EMERGREEN project partner Donegal County Council is going to install a stand, where people can take a picture and send that to the council via the Coastal Stories App to contribute to this important environmental effort.