EMERGREEN – Innovative Public Services for Greener Communities

“Innovation in government is about finding new ways to impact the lives of citizens, and new approaches to activating them as partners to shape the future together”

- OECD, 2017


The public sector worldwide is faced with increasing pressure to evolve and to offer more “customer-centric” services. Technologies such as virtual reality, the internet of things, industrialised analytics, and automated platforms are fuelling societal change and have the power to transform every aspect of the public sector, if they are designed, implemented and managed with the end-user in mind.

Public sector organisations in the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) areas face the additional challenge of, providing public services in areas dealing with dispersed populations, high service delivery costs and the scarcity of human and material resources.

5 NPA region organisations, collaborating in the EMERGREEN project, have successfully addressed these challenges, using emerging technologies and end-user engagement to create innovative, sustainable public services.

EMERGREEN’s transnational platform provides access to these new services. It also shares the business model details, lessons learned and recommendations from the partners. These services have huge potential to be expanded into other public service areas and adopted by other regions.

The table below shows examples of how the services created through the EMERGREEN project are achieving public service goals and impacting the lives of citizens and their communities.