Data story telling of green energies service in Faroe Islands

The Environment Agency of Faroe Islands will provide real-time data on green energy to encourage people to invest in solar panels and heat pump solutions.

In this journey through our NPA regions we are arrive at our last stop, the Faroe Islands. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, EMERGREEN project partner the Environment Agency of Faroe Islands is to launch an informative website for citizens and businesses who are interested in installing an alternative heating solution powered by renewable energy.

The agency is gathering data on the efficiency of heat pump systems in the Faroe Islands. Heat pump data has been collected for over a decade and another data source is energy flow analysis from some new buildings. The data will help to determine the best practices for successful installations and they will be able to provide detailed information and advice to the general public.

This website will display real-time data on green energy presented in a user-friendly and interactive way to encourage citizens and businesses to invest in solar panels and various heat pump solutions leading to a reduction of the dependence on imported fossil fuel.

This technology goes beyond traditional visualisation to support data storytelling, in particular data stories related to "explaining a phenomenon” (solar panels and heat pump solutions) for deeper understanding.

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